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Aired April 18th, 7PM EST

About Us

Mission Statement

Join us in this cyber artistic medium for a night of comedy, drama and mystery on Saturday April 18th at 7pm. A virtual gathering of Connecticut based actors, artists and musicians will help you beat the social separation blues. Conceived by Executive Producer, Jim Luurtsema, this event brings together over 35 performers, directors and playwrights to bring you an evening of entertainment that can be enjoyed in your own home while your friends and family enjoy from homes as well - social distancing at its best!

Production Team

Executive Producer/Director, "Coding Issues

Jim Luurtsema


Co Producer/Director, "I Like," "Into The City," & 

"Ezell Dorsey and the Right Hand Man

Sharon W. Houk


Co Producer/Director, "Initial Velocity", "Just Desserts

Katherine Ray


Director, "BFOQ"  

Marilyn Olsen


Director, "Her Tongue"  

Jess Smith


Ashley McLeod, Claire Simard, Colleen Renzullo, Connor Picard, Dan Ringuette, David Macharelli, Doreen Lopez, Emily Diedrich, Emma Wallace, Ian Diedrich, Ingrid Smith, Jane Coughlin, Jason Maur, Jeff Savage, Jennifer Sokira, Lynne Wilson, Mary Cantoni, Matt Austin, Matt Durland, Patrick R. Spadaccino, Priscilla Squiers, Scott Stanchfield, Steffon Sampson, Susie Hackel


  • Charlene A. Donaghy "I Like"
  • Dagney Kerr "Initial Velocity"
  • David L. Williams "Coding Issues"
  • David MacGregor "Just Deserts"
  • Henry Arthur Jones "Her Tongue"
  • Ira Hauptman "BFOQ"
  • Laralu Smith "Ezell Dorsey And The Right Hand Man"
  • Marj O'Neill-Butler "Into The City"